Two Free hours of technical support, really?


If you are the decision maker for technology at your company and you have 10 or more PCs, I want to offer you two free hours of support so we can show you that we can do a better job than your current support provider.

How do you make use of the two free hours?


Maybe you think you have your computer network “under control”. Maybe you don’t have an urgent problem that you would like repaired. Maybe you don’t even have an IT support guy.

After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I completely understand your point of view, so let me suggest how you can still profit from this offer…

If you don’t have an immediate problem, you can use your two free hours of network support to have us perform a network audit to uncover hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into bigger, more disastrous events that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and repair bills.

For FREE, We Will Come To Your Office And…


  • Check your network’s back-up system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you NEVER want to lose.
  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.
  • Check your network’s current security against intrusion attacks, theft, and even employee sabotage.
  • Scan and remove spyware from you PCs to ensure your data and account logins are not compromised.
  • Perform a quick network “tune up” to make programs and files load faster.
  • Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or give you a second opinion on a quote you received.

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